From Our Director
Pipe Organ

Historically, singing has been important in the church. St. Augustine has left the word "He who sings, prays twice." In other words, it is one of the figures of prayer that the gospel gains the wings of the melody and the harmony. I believe when we sing, our prayer is amplified, and might reach God.

Traditionally, ICU church dedicates the worship filled with music as if every worship is the music worship. Therefore, our choir does not neglect the study of technique of vocalization and the ensemble. However, enhancement of technique does not directly lead the improvement of worship music. The most important preparation to pray and to unite our heart toward God is to share the interpretation of the music and lyrics of works written in Latin, English, German, and Japanese, etc. I believe that by doing this, we can be the instruments of God in worship, so that Christ with us and encourage us.

Our choir consists of those with different nationality or denomination, environment ever lived, but we all were collected by Christ for the mission to respect each other, and to offer the music. It is a great pleasure and a miracle. Please visit ICU Church. We leave everything to our Lord and keep singing.

Director: OGUCHI, Koji